Tubular Scaffolding

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Right Angle Coupler

Of one - piece design for easy handling and faster fitting, this double component is designed to connect ledgers to standards and any fixing that requires a constant 90 degrees

Swivel Coupler

An all angle one – piece fittings designed for connecting bracing tubes. No loose fitting and with added gripping power, these components are easy to handle and fast to fit.

Gravlock Girder Couplers

A unique patented design enabling fast and secure coupling of scaffold tube to an ‘I’ beam flange. Providing immense grip. Gravlock girder couplers comfortably exceed Bs1 slip requirements. Suitable for use in application with flange thicknesses of up to 45 mm, it is important to note they must be used in pairs.

Ladder Beam

Designed to provide a clear span between scaffolds. SMTL ladder beams are 305 mm deep and are fabricated in 48 mm O/Dx3.2 mm wall thickness high tensile steel tube. Full saddle welded at every joint, they provide a strong, yet convenient support system that readily integrates with existing scaffolding, using standard fittings.

Prop Bracing Swivel Coupler

Designed to provide the same high levels of security and safety, the prop bracing swivel coupler provides a strong, positive diagonal bracing connection at any angle between a standard scaffold tube and a prop outer or any 48.3 mm O/D tube.

Prop Bracing Double Coupler

A high quality, load bearing couplers, specially designed for maximum strength and safety on site. It provides a 900 positive fixing with superior grip enabling standard scaffold tube to be connected to a prop outer or any 48.3 mm O/D tube.

Adjustable Stirrup Head

Whilst preforming the same duties as the stirrup head, this unit provides up to 150 mm of adjustment by using a reveal key to the collar.

Head and Base Jack

Now available: Base Jacks for H-Frame Scaffolding

Developed for use in falsework applications, either as an adjustable base jack or inverted as a head support in typical drop head applications. The heavy duty head and base jack has an SWL of four or six tonnes. Now available, Base Jacks for H-Frame Scaffolding

Swivel Couplers

SMTL swivel coupler provide the same tough, positive grip as double couplers but enable two scaffold tubes to be connected together at any angle. Designed for maximum safety in load bearing situations, they are used especially for cross-bracing.

Sleeve Coupler

This one piece heavy duty coupler rapidly connects scaffold tube by means of an external ‘end-to-end’ connection and features a full diameter central baffle plate, ensuring correct tube positioning.

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Wooden Plank Coupler

Designed to secure wooden planks onto erected cuplok scaffolding.

Putlog Coupler – Standard

Designed to connect putlogs or transforms to standard scaffold tube, this coupler also enables scaffold boards to be laid on top of the tube.