Staircase TowersThe CUPLOK Staircase Tower, incorporating a purpose designed stairway, is a superior means of allowing operatives to move to and from their working area quickly and in complete safety.
The elimination of both pole ladders and the expensive alternative using timber treads, tube and special fittings means that the Staircase Tower can be easily and speedily erected. It allows free movement of personnel, thus ensuring a speedier work flow.

* Our Cuplok Staircase Tower can also be used with other system scaffold types.

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There are many situations where fast, reliable access to working levels can be a boon particularly where the movement of large numbers of operatives is concerned. The CUPLOK Staircase Tower is the perfect solution, for use on housing sites, industrial buildings, shipbuilding, general construction and maintenance, offshore structures or petrochemical installations.


The CUPLOK Staircase Tower can be erected with either eight or ten legs, choice to be made according to the height and load capacity required. Plan dimensions of both towers are 4.4 m x 1.8 m with standing platforms 1.3 m wide and staircase 0.8 m wide. Exits can be made from the landing platforms by suitable arrangement of the guardrails.


The design of the CUPLOK Staircase Tower ensures a stable, rigid structure offering a large number of built-in safety features:

  • Broad landing platforms with timber or steel battens ensure a safe two-way flow of personnel.
  • The potentially hazardous deck openings normally associated with ladder towers are avoided.
  • Full hand railing is provided and double handrails can be fitted where required.
  • Stairways are rigid and provide a firm non-slip thread to ensure maximum security to operatives.

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