Swing Stage Scaffolding

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Product Information

From painting and window cleaning to restoration and building maintenance, when your crew requires exterior access to a skyscraper or other tall buildings, you need suspended scaffolds. For reliable swing stages and accessories, turn to the experts at Scaffolding Manufacturers (Trinidad) Limited.

Our high quality scaffolding lets your team focus on the job at hand, not on their equipment. We stock all the swing stage scaffolding and accessories you need, from work cages to wire rope. Need a custom suspended scaffolding solution? Just contact our sales specialists. We’re happy to help you design and implement a custom scaffolding plan for your site.

Our swing stage scaffolding equipment includes:

  • Swing Stage platforms
  • Hoists
  • Hoist accessories
  • Roof rigging parts
  • Counter Weight System
  • Wire rope & accessories

Other Features

  • Instant Access modular swing stage takes men & materials up to the ideal working height to get the job done correctly & efficiently.
  • No matter how tall the building, once the Swinging stage is installed, at the touch of a button the operators can be at the work point in minutes.
  • In addition, the stage takes equipment to the job with the operator – no need for the user to waste time & effort carrying the work tools up scaffolding or stairs.

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