Aluminium Pittboards

SMTL's Aluminium Pittboards or Scaffold Planks were designed using Engineering best practices to produce a safe, reliable and cost effective product. The dimensions of our Aluminium Scaffold plank is 24’long x 2ft wide. The maximum un-supported length of the plank is to be 20ft.

The Plank is expected to support a maximum of three (3) persons and the average weight of each person as summed to be 113kg.


The Test load to be applied as calculated as follows:-
Applied load = 112kg
Load factor = 3.0
Test Load = 3x112 = 336kg


The plank was supported two (2ft) from either end. The three persons was simulated by the applications of eith (8) bags of cement each weighing 42 kg resulting in a total of 336 kg. One set of cement bags were placed on the centre of the plank while the other two was positioned one (1) foot on either side of the edges of the middle cement bags. The load was applied to the plank for a period of 10 minutes.

SMTL Test Loading Report can be made available upon request.

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