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Engineered to Perform

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Scaffold Planks are made from layers of thin, dried veneers. Each veneer is visually and ultrasonically graded to meet stringent standards. The veneers are then coated with a waterproof adhesive and laid up in a pattern engineered specifically for scaffold plank use. A continuous manufacturing process employs heat and pressure to permanently bond the veneers together. In effect a tree has been taken apart and reconstructed to disperse its defects and improve its consistency and strength. This engineered laminated veneer lumber plank is uniform and predictable, with design stresses higher than solid sawn plank.


Unlike most conventional planking which is visually graded, every piece of LVL Scaffold Plank is physically proof tested to ensure compliance with industry performance specifications. The words "PROOF TESTED SCAFFOLD PLANKING" and "OSHA" are continuously embossed along both edges.


Our Scaffold Planks are engineered; warping, twisting and splitting are much less of a problem than with solid sawn planks so they are on the job a lot longer. In LVL Scaffold Planks, defects such as knots and the slope of the gain are randomly distributed throughout each piece. This prevents concentrated areas of weakness, which can cause conventional planks to break.


Our Scaffold Planks are 100% usable and do not need to be tested before their first use. Also, because they are safer and last longer, they do not have to be replaced as often as solid sawn planks, saving you worry, time and money.

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