Fibreglass ScaffoldingFibreglass Scaffolds protect you and your work. Electrically non-conductive components increase safety around electrical systems. The Fibreglass high strength composite materials have been tested by independent laboratories and certified non-conductive in compliance with ANSI standards. The composite materials are resistant to many chemicals that steel and aluminium are not. In addition to being highly visible orange in colour, our fibreglass scaffolds do not oxidize helping to keep you and your work clean.

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The following FRP Scaffold Tower has been subjected to the following electrical insulation and high voltage tests in and has successfully withstood the applied test voltages without disruptive discharge or degradation, discolouration or marking of the scaffold.

  • *5kV DC Insulation Resistance Test
  • *110kV AC High Voltage Withstand Test
  • *220kV AC High Voltage Withstand Test
  • *80kV DC High Voltage Withstand Test.

Testing was carried out by a NATA accredited Test Facility and Test Supply Voltages conformed to the requirements of Australian Standards AS1931.1 and AS1931.2.

Test Reports available on request.

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