Cuplok ScaffoldingThe principal feature of CUPLOK is the unique method of connecting the horizontal and vertical members in one single action, without the use of nuts, bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by the two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to the Vertical at pre-located 0.5 m intervals, and a sliding upper cup. The forged blade ends of Horizontals are located into the lower cup, the upper cup is moved down and rotated to secure the component in place and tightened by a hammer blow to give a positive and rigid connection. It is this revolutionary node point locking principle which makes CUPLOK faster to erect than any other scaffold systems. There is no time wasted in lining-up pockets on Verticals. It does not have pockets at different levels. There are no loose parts to get lost and no delays trying to straighten damaged wedges.

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The 500 mm Screw Jack provides a universal method of jacking which can be used at either the top or bottom of a support structure. For access it is used in conjunction with a socket base. This component avoids the necessity of stocking a variety of jacks to meet varying requirements and has a substantial load-bearing capacity.


Vertical are provided in three basic sizes with cup joints welded at 500 mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are a malleable casting to endure rough site handling and welding bottom cups are pressed from high quality steel. Integral spigots, 150 mm long, are provided at the top of each vertical for making end to end connections. These spigots are drilled to receive locking pins. Alternative, loose bolt-in type spigots are available. Available in the following sizes: 3M-10ft, 2.3M-8ft, 2.0M-6ft, 1.5M-5ft, 0.75M-2’ 6”


All CUPLOK Scaffolding should be longitudinally braced in at least one bay to its full height for each 20 m run. A range of Face Braces with swivel blades at either end which locate in the cup joints is available.


All Horizontals have identical forged blade ends, with the minimum of projection to avoid damage. Each component locates in the cup joint on the Vertical. 2.5 m Horizontals provide the basic bay length in CUPLOK. This is a suitable bay size for all common access loading conditions. 1.8 m Horizontals provide a make-up bay size for maximum flexibility. 1.3 m Horizontals provide a 5-board wide platform.

Available in the following sizes: 0.51m – 20”, 0.56m-22”, 0.74m – 29”, 0.91m – 3’, 1.0m-10”, 1.15m-45 ¼”, 1.19m-47”, 1.2m-4ft, 1.5m-5ft, 1.8m-6ft, 2.13m-7ft, 2.43m-8ft, 2.74m-9ft, 3.0m-10ft, 3.0m-10ft


This unit has been carefully designed to provide a safe mid-bay support for 38 mm scaffold boards. The fabricated jaw sections at each end are turned downward to prevent dislocation. On galvanized equipment one end is provided with an integral locking device to prevent lateral movement. Available in the following sizes: 2.5m, 1.8m, 1.3m, 0.9m


The strength and rigidity of the CUPLOK joint will ensure that, for normal heights, it is not necessary to transverse brace a CUPLOK scaffolding structure. However, there are cases where CUPLOK Transverse Braces may be required, eg where:

  • 1. Tie locations cannot be made as often as necessary.
  • 2. The scaffold is extended more than two lifts above the building structure.
  • 3. The height of the scaffold structure and the imposed loading necessitates additional bracing.

In case of doubt, our Technical Department should be consulted for advice on the bracing equipment necessary.

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