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The BOSTA 70 range comes with all the parts enabling you to assemble the up and down stairways in no time at all. Depending on your space requirements, opt for the inner-lying ladder passage, the single-flight or the double-flight scaffold stairway. (This can be used as a double-flight scaffold stairway –optional). This is made up of two BOSTA 70 scaffold bays built in front of each other in which stair flyers and hand rails are assembled alternately.

The single-flight scaffold stairway a 2.50 meter long bay with flight of stairs and handrails is built in front of the scaffold in addition. The stairs are 65 cm wide, the maximum overall height is 64.50 m. These safety certified stairways can also be erected in front of other scaffolds such as the BOSTA 100 and MODEX.

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Please do not hestitate to contact us if you would like more information on this product. We can also arrange for you to view an assembled Bosta Staircase.