Bleachers and Grand StandsScaffolding Manufacturers (Trinidad) Limited is pleased to introduce our Temporary Grandstand Bleachers to Trinidad & Tobago. Our Grandstands are designed to meet international standards with the highest level of safety in mind. SMTL is committed to delivering a great value with superior quality for our clients.
The Grandstand structure comprises of an interlocking system, ties, braces, beam & deck units that lock together to form a quick erect, structural support system.

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The Beams are linked together to provide a support structure that have a slope of 250mm to 333mm rise onto which the deck units are installed to provide a continuous terraced surface.

  • Gradients and heights settings (Riser): 250mm-333mm
  • Seat spacing: 430mm
  • Seat rest: 415mm for Bucket seat
  • Spacing between 2 rows: 430mm (bucket seat)
  • Load capacity: 5 kN/m^2
  • Dead Load: 0.25 kN/m^2
  • Guard Rails
  • Tested Designs
  • Netted Backing
  • In-service Inspections

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