Our Mission

To provide each and every customer with the highest quality of service and to consistently maintain this quality of service with safety being the primary factor. Also to continue striving for excellence by ensuring all staff is trained and certified for the respective jobs.
To be the premier suppliers of scaffolding goods and services and execution of services in the most efficient manner.
To diversify and expand to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.
To continue making mammoth strides in the scaffolding industry whilst maintaining optimum customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To grow the Company to fit the needs of today’s clients. To guarantee to serve our clients and affiliates with care and understanding. To provide more extensive, higher quality services at the most reasonable price through the use of leading edge materials, technology and a highly skilled staff. To assist our employees in serving the public with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism in all matters related to the Scaffolding Industry.

SMTL, Your Partner in Scaffolding...
Working without safety is a dead-end job. Safety never takes a holiday. The safest risk is the one you didn't take. Safety isn't just a slogan, it's a way of life. P.P.E. is self-defense. Tomorrow- your reward for working safely today.

Always a Step Ahead.

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