Health, Safety and Environment

Compliance with the occupational safety and health act 2004 and amended 2006 requires that any company with twenty five (25) or more employees must have a health, safety and environmental committee. Our hse committee is an important part of our hse management effort. Managers, senior supervisors, supervisors and foremen would gain valuable assistance in their areas by a joint effort with their committee members.

HSE Committee functions

  • Keep under review the measures taken to ensure the safety and health of persons at the place of work

  • Investigate any matter at workplace which a member of the committee or a person employed thereat considers is not safe or is a risk to health which has been brought to the employer

  • Attempt to resolve any matter relating to the health and safety of all employees and if it is unable to do so, shall request the chief inspector to undertake an inspection of the workplace for that purpose.

  • Meet monthly

  • Revise membership every 6 months or at least annually

  • Develop short and long term goals

  • Discuss accident prevention methods

  • Review previous accidents and injuries

  • Conduct periodic hse inspections on client’s job sites, offices, warehouse and workshop

  • Recommend changes to hse procedures and policies.

  • Investigate accident/ incidents

  • Investigate refusal to do unsafe work by employees